We are young, innovative and we really want to make a difference in what we do. We are a boutique company, but with the excellence processes of a great company. We are passionate about what we do and that drives us to always improve.

We foster a work environment that prioritizes the balance between the work and personal life of our team.

We measure ourselves, we really do. And we are so sure of what we do that we offer a service of guaranteed quality, indeed.

We are there when things work but we also take charge when they need to be improved.

Do you want to evolve your business? We want to evolve with you.

roi Guaranteed Quality Service: If the objectives are not met, you pay less. We are the only company with a work model and collection of services based on performance metrics agreed with each client.
adn We measure ourselves to improve: We are fans of the well-known phrase "If it is measured, it can be improved". That is why we generate, manage and share metrics with our clients.
adn Culture of added value & work-life balance: The overcoming of quality standards, the search for innovation and the continuous training of our team is in our DNA, without losing the work-personal balance.


Quality software made in Argentina.




A comprehensive platform to plan, assignand control field work in real time.
Applicable and configurable to different types of industry.

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Follow Up

Personnel evaluation and monitoring system to improve and optimize the resources and increase productivity.


KPI Board

Dashboard to keep track of the numbers and performance indicators of your company in one place and updated in an easy, fast and personalized way.

Our Clients

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Our Team

We know that the best results are reached with the best professionals. We are committed to working in a relaxed and flexible environment where we prioritize the quality of work and commitment, over the number of hours we spend in the office. We want passionate, innovative, independent people in our team, committed to offering an excellent service and willing to grow with us.s

Why work at Engee?
We like what we do and we always want to improve
Reduced workday
Homeworking: from 3 to 17 days per month
Extra days for personal use: from 2 to 8 days per year
Career Plan: benefits when you grow as a professional
Engee House: our office with swimming pool and grill
Certifications and continuous training

Contact us

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires – Argentina

Esmeralda 345
CP 1035
Phone: +54 11 5031 7286
Email: contacto@engee.com.ar

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